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Finding The Right Trucking Company To Haul Your Oversize Load

by Krin Murphy

Semi trucks play an important role in moving goods from one location to another. If you don't regularly ship large loads, you might not be familiar with the unique challenges an oversized load can present.

To ensure that your goods arrive at their destination safely, here are three things you need to take into consideration when selecting a trucking company to handle your transportation needs.

1. Permits

Because oversize loads can present a safety hazard for drivers using the nation's roadways, permits are required before a trucking company can take your load on the road. Government agencies are responsible for issuing permits, and these documents offer some limitations on the type of driving a trucker can do while hauling an oversize load.

For example, in Ontario, a trucker towing an oversize load must limit his or her driving to one-half hour before sunrise to one-half hour after sunset. To ensure that your goods aren't seized by the government, be sure that the trucking company you hire has experience obtaining the necessary permits.

2. Experience

Oversize loads often have awkward dimensions that can make driving difficult. You want to ensure that the trucking company you partner with employs experienced drivers before agreeing to have the company transport your goods.

Towing heavy or wide loads changes the way that a truck handles, so asking about the experience level of a trucking company's drivers before sending your load on its way can help you avoid losing your goods in an accident caused by driver inexperience. 

3. Equipment

The winter months are typically harsh ones throughout Canada, especially in the interior provinces where the average daily temperature is -15 degrees Celcius. Winter driving conditions can complicate the delivery of an oversize load, so it's important that you partner with a trucking company that understands the unique challenges associated with winter driving.

Be sure to ask about the equipment each driver carries with him or her if you plan to transport your oversize load during the winter. Having access to specialized equipment (like tire chains) can prevent your goods from getting stuck on an icy or snowy roadway.

Hiring a trucking company is one of the easiest ways to transport an oversize load from one location to another. To ensure that your goods arrive at their new destination safely, be sure that you partner with a trucking company that can obtain the right permits, employs experienced drivers, and supplies the right equipment for winter driving.

For more information, contact W G Davis & Sons Trucking Ltd or a similar company.