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How To Make Your Red-Eye Flight More Tolerable

by Krin Murphy

There's nothing more suitable to show you that humans weren't meant to sleep upright than a red-eye flight. For many people who take these late flights, the experience is one they'd rather avoid but usually can't. This has given red-eye flights a very negative reputation among fliers.

However, there are a few things to significantly improve your flight experience. If your objective is to get some sleep on the flight, there are several solutions you can try.

It's All About the Window Seat

Window seats are the best suited for sleeping during a flight. These are the only seats that provide you with something you can lean against that isn't the shoulder of another flier. Do your best to book a window seat if you're planning to get some sleep during the flight. However, if you're going to get up a few times during the flight, it may not be ideal for you or the other passengers.

Dress Comfortably

Tight clothes, clothes that pull or those that pinch are not fun when you're trying to get some rest in an uncomfortable position. While pajamas might be a step too far, clothes that are loose-fitting and have a breathable fabric are definitely a good idea. You should also have shoes that can be easily taken off as long as the odor won't be a problem for you and the other passengers.

Carry a Few Supplies

There are certain things that make us fall asleep faster. These things are different for each person. Some people need to block out all the light while others need to block out any noise. The cabin can have plenty of these. Therefore, an eye mask and ear plugs may help. You may also want some warm socks or a small blanket. A blanket from home is a much better solution than one provided by the airline.

Buy an Ideal Pillow for Your Needs

Having the right pillow for your sleeping style is an excellent idea. There are different types of pillows that you can buy such as u-shaped and oblong pillows. Choose one that matches your comfort needs.

Arrange for an Easy Transfer to Your Home or Hotel

Waiting in the cold for a taxi or some other form of transport after a red-eye flight isn't fun. Arrange for reliable airport service so your tired and aching body can reach a bed with a little hassle as possible.