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5 Reasons To Consider A Charter Bus For Your Next Elementary Field Trip

by Krin Murphy

If your class has a big field trip planned for this year with your elementary-aged class, consider booking a charter bus for your field trip instead of using a traditional school bus. Using a charter bus for your field trip can come with some benefits.

#1 Charter Buses Come With Seat Belts

One of the big advantages of a charter bus is that it comes with seat belts. This is a great safety feature. Having seat belts can also make a charter bus feel a little more like riding in a traditional vehicle, which can help you manage and keep your students sitting in their seats throughout the journey to and from your destination.

#2 Charter Buses Come With Entertainment

One of the reasons taking a class on a field trip can be challenging on a regular bus is the ride can be long and kind of boring for a young child. With a charter bus, like those from Cardinal Transportation Ltd, there are built-in entertainment options. You can choose a movie or show for the entire class to watch during the trip. That way, you don't have bored students moving all around the bus. Instead, you have students who are entertained and engaged.

#3 Charter Buses Can Transport a Large Number of Students

Many charter buses can transport a large number of students. You can often bring more students on a charter bus than you can a regular school bus. If a couple of classes or an entire grade level are going on a field trip, you may be able to keep everyone on one bus instead of having to book more than one bus using a traditional school bus provider.

#4 Charter Buses Allow for More Controlled Environment

Charter buses allow for a more controlled environment. You can close the blinds and keep the sun out if it is hot or in your students' eyes. Charter buses have nice heaters as well as air conditioning systems. Most charter buses also have little air vents for each passenger, allowing students to control how cool or hot they feel.

#5 Charter Buses Have Bathrooms

With an entire busload of students, you are still going to want to stop for bathroom breaks. However, when a bathroom emergency occurs, you don't have to have the bus driver add in an extra stop. Students can use the on-board bathroom in between bathroom breaks, which can make it a lot easier to manage a field trip and each student's individual needs when you have a bathroom on board.

For your class's next field trip, consider renting a charter bus instead of a regular school bus. A charter bus has seat belts, bathrooms, entertainment options, a more climate-controlled environment, and can accommodate more students.