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2 Tips for Reserving a Charter Bus for Your Wedding Reception

by Krin Murphy

While planning your wedding, you may have decided to hold the ceremony at a church or chapel while having the reception at a different location. However, because the two events on your big day are in different places, you may worry that people will not arrive in time for your reception's festivities, leading you to consider renting a bus to transport your guests. If so, use the following tips to help you reserve a charter bus for your wedding reception.

1.  Make Your Reservation Well Ahead of Time

One thing that you must do when you plan to rent a charter bus on your wedding day is to make the reservation well ahead of time. Ideally, the reservation should be made as soon as the reservations for the wedding and reception locations are confirmed.

If you wait until even a month before your big day, you may not be able to reserve a bus, especially if you are getting married in the late spring months. Not only are these months popular for weddings, but you may be competing with people who want to rent buses for proms and graduations parties.

Even if you do not have all of the details, you still need to at least make a tentative reservation a few months before your wedding day to ensure that you will have transportation.

2.  Contact the Rental Service as Soon as You Have a Final Head Count

Even if you did not have the exact number of guests for your reception, you may have an idea as to how many people plan to go. When you make your reservation, you can give them a ballpark number or range of the number of people so that the rental service can reserve a bus for you that will accommodate your needs.

However, as soon as you have a final head count, contact the bus rental service to give them the number. If the count is higher or lower than what you expected, the rental company can make adjustments, such as adding another bus to transport a higher number of people.

Using the tips above can help you ensure that the transportation between your wedding and reception locations goes off without a hitch so you can enjoy your big day without worrying. For more information about making a reservation, as well as discussing available options and extras, speak with a representative with a charter bus service.