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Tips To Keep Your Teen Safe On Prom Night

by Krin Murphy

It's almost prom night and your teen is ready to go. They have their dress or tux picked out, their date waiting in the wings, and tickets to the dance and after party. Now it's up to you as a parent to take steps to make sure they have a fun but safe event. The following tips can help you protect your teen on prom night:

Be honest

Have an honest heart-to-heart with your teen before prom. Let them know that you are concerned for their and their friends' safety on this big night, and that you would like them to promise not to drink or use drugs. While it can be helpful to share current statistics on teen drinking accidents, too many numbers can dilute your message. Being honest about your fears as a parent that loves their child can go a lot further. You should also make it clear that if someone is drinking or drugging, you are there to get everyone home safely, no questions asked. If your teen knows they can depend upon you, they are more likely to call you in the event something does go wrong.

Require an itinerary and check-ins

Make sure your teen provides you with an itinerary of their evening plans. Most proms end late, often after 10 pm. There are then after parties, some put on by school organizations but your teen's friends may also have parties going on. Make sure you know the plan, from the location of the pre-prom dinner to all the after parties they are thinking of attending. Then, require that they check in each time they are changing location. This can be a simple text indicating where they are heading next. This way, if something goes wrong, at least you know where to find your child.

Hire a prom limo

Finally, hire a prom limo service to drive your teen and their date (and possibly their friends) around for the evening. This way you can be assured your teen will not get behind the wheel or into a car with alcohol involved. Many prom limo services also act as chaperones in that they will not take the teens to places not listed on the itinerary without checking with you first. The driver will also bring the teens straight home if it appears they have been drinking or doing drugs.

While trust is important, one case of bad judgement can have lifelong repercussions. Taking these steps to protect your teen ensures there will be many more exciting nights in their future.