For a Fun Adventure, Try the Train

Better Planning Through Airport Transportation Services

by Krin Murphy

Traveling through foreign countries can be a lot of fun. When you have free time, taking things at a slow pace can prove enjoyable. The speed has to pick up, however, when headed to the airport. Missing a flight can prove disastrous under any circumstances. If your travel visa is about to expire at midnight, missing the flight could create immigration headaches. Booking the best airport transportation service may be the better plan when the departure clock ticks away.

Know the Limitations of Ridesharing Services

The description of an airport transportation service reveals one of its best assets. The drivers go back-and-forth to the airport continually. Calling a rideshare service comes with a question mark. Has the driver gone to the airport before? Also, you may not be flying out of the main airport. With a rideshare app, you only type in the location. Choose the wrong airport by mistake, and that is where you are going. When calling an airport transportation service, the dispatcher may ask about the flight details. Reviewing the flight number and departure time gives the service rep a chance to double-check the departing airport. The opportunity for a mistake could decrease here.

Don't Hope for Normal Traffic Conditions

Booking flights late at night or otherwise outside of rush hour time slots makes sense. With less traffic on the road, the chances of running into delays decrease. One oversight that international travelers make is to assume busy traffic times are identical to what exists at home. Don't make any assumptions about traffic conditions. Leave that to someone who knows, such as the airport transportation booking agent. They can suggest an appropriate departure time from the hotel to the airport.

Plan on Bad Traffic, Rely on the Driver

Despite all the best plans, things go wrong. Even when choosing the right service and the best departure time, traffic jams, accidents, and other issues arise. At least with professional airport services, it is likely the driver knows how to deal with the situation. Maybe he/she knows an alternate route.

Don't Book Your Ride at the Last Minute

Last-minute calls to a transportation service might hurt the cause of getting to the airport on time. Even though late bookings are possible, you don't want trouble with your flight. Booking a few days or longer in advance allows the transportation service to contact you if they foresee a problem. Maybe book the trip to the airport at the same time you booked your departing flight.