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Tips For Using Amusement Park Shuttles When Staying In An Off-Site Hotel

by Krin Murphy

Visiting an amusement park for several days is the perfect vacation for many families. However, most people have a budget, and multi-day tickets for a family to an amusement park are not cheap, which is why many people opt to save some money by staying at an off-site hotel when visiting an amusement park. One of the great things about off-site hotels near major amusement parks is the fact they often offer shuttles to the park or are located along a route that an outside amusement park shuttle company uses. If you're visiting an amusement park and staying at an off-site hotel, use the following tips for taking a shuttle to and from the park.

Know Your Options

Before you arrive at your hotel, it is in your best interest to know your options for shuttle service. Find out if your hotel offers its own shuttle service or if you will need to walk to a local shuttle stop. It is also a good thing to ask about costs associated with taking an amusement park shuttle. In some cases, a hotel may offer free shuttle service, while in other cases there may be a small fee to buy a ticket. Learning as much as you can about your amusement park shuttle options before your vacation can help ensure that you don't have any transportation issues the first time you try to get to the park.

Study Route Maps

Once you have a good understanding of which amusement park shuttle to use, it is a good idea to carefully study the route map. Most major amusement parks are very large in size, so selecting the right shuttle stops is essential if you want to avoid walking more than you need to. Consider which area of the amusement park you're trying to get to, and then select the shuttle stop closest to that entrance. Likewise, knowing where the shuttle stops are will be very helpful in the evening when you want to take the shuttle to get back to your hotel.

Be on Time

If you want to make sure that you arrive at the amusement park according to your schedule, you will need to be at the shuttle stop on time. Ideally, you should plan to arrive a few minutes before the shuttle is scheduled to arrive for pickup. The same goes when taking a shuttle back to your hotel. This is especially true if you are taking the last available shuttle in the evening after the amusement park closes.

For more information, contact a company that offers amusement park shuttle services, such as Disneyland shuttles, in the same area as your hotel.