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4 Tips For Keeping Young Children Happy On A Charter Bus Ride

by Krin Murphy

Traveling with a group on a charter bus is a convenient and affordable way to visit a place of interest or attend an event. Sometimes parents need or want to bring young children along. If they have never taken their kids on this kind of journey before, they may want to find some tips for keeping the youngsters entertained.

Noise and Space Considerations

In a private passenger vehicle, it's often easier to have fun with the kids because there are no restrictions on noise. The family can do group sing-along activities, for example. Everyone in the back seats might watch a DVD together. There also could be more room for a child to spread out a crafting project. These factors must be kept in mind.


Coloring With Crayons or Markers

Coloring in books or on printed single sheets of paper is a traditional pastime that most kids enjoy. Those who really like coloring might spend most of the trip doing so. Parents should bring a clipboard or a similar item with a hard surface to substitute for a table. 

Having Fun With Activity Books

These books have many different features so that every child will find plenty to appreciate. Some have stickers to paste onto pages with drawings showing indoor and outdoor scenes. A book might include string or yarn for a child to sew onto drawings of animals, plants, and vehicles.

Playing a DVD With Headphones

This might be a DVD or two from the family's home library, or it could be one purchased especially for the trip. Public libraries also lend DVDs in a broad range of categories. If more than one young child is coming along, each can take a turn with a relatively short group of cartoons or other programs.

Bringing Healthy Snacks

If the trip will be a relatively long one, parents can find out whether snacking is allowed on the bus. Trail mix, fresh fruit, and popcorn are possibilities. It's considerate to bring trail mix that does not contain nuts because someone sitting nearby could have a serious allergy to those foods.

Concluding Thoughts

These are just a few examples of ways to keep children happy on a long charter bus ride. People with young kids should think about what these youngsters like doing at home during quiet time and consider whether the activity would be suitable on a bus. Then they'll feel entirely comfortable planning for the trip or even taking charge of arranging one. Contact a local bus charter company to learn more.