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Tips To Help You Safely Operate A Dump Truck

by Krin Murphy

Dump trucks are large vehicles used for a variety of purposes across different industries. Having access to a dump truck can make completing essential tasks much easier, and the task can be completed quickly. However, operating a dump truck is quite different than driving a passenger automobile, so precautions must be taken to ensure that everything goes smoothly. Whether you operate a dump truck regularly as a part of your job, or you own a company and employ dump truck operators, safety is paramount. Use the following tips to help ensure that your dump truck is always operated safely:

Practice Proper Loading

The bed of a dump truck can vary in size, but most dump trucks can carry very large loads. When it comes to using a dump truck, following proper loading procedures is extremely important. Even if it takes a little bit longer, the bed should be loaded evenly before the truck drives away. Ideally, you want all of the weight to be equally distributed throughout the bed of the truck. Failure to ensure that the load is evenly distributed can make the truck unstable, and in the worst-case scenario, a dump truck that is not loaded properly could tip over.

Make Maintenance a Priority

A dump truck has all of the same parts as a regular automobile, as well as a number of different components that allow the bed of the truck to function. If you own or operate a dump truck, one of your priorities should be staying on top of maintenance. Make sure that your dump truck undergoes a thorough inspection on a regular basis. Before operating your dump truck, always take the time to look things over and make sure that you don't see any noticeable issues. If a problem arises, especially with the hydraulic system that operates the bed of the dump truck, cease using the truck and have repairs made right away. It is not safe to operate a dump truck that is in need of repairs. 

Keep the Bed Liner in Good Condition

All dump trucks need to have a bed liner that is in good condition. The bed liner helps ensure that any load being carried in the dump truck can be dumped out smoothly without any issues. If a dump truck has a damaged bed liner, dumping the load can become a safety risk and the truck may lose balance. If the bed liner in your dump truck is severely damaged, have it replaced promptly. 

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