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Shipping Your Overweight Cargo

by Krin Murphy

When you need to have overweight freight shipped, it can pose a logistical challenge due to the unique issues that overweight cargo can pose. Using an overweight load freight trucking service can simplify this process for your business by providing some important advantages.

Route Planning

Overweight cargo will be restricted from being able to travel on some roads. For example, you need to ensure that the cargo is only transported over bridges and overpasses that are strong enough to support it. Planning a safe route for overweight cargo can require a highly detailed understanding of the local road system, and this is a level of expertise that an overweight shipping service will be able to offer you.

Obtaining The Necessary Permits

Overweight loads will also likely require a number of specialized permits to be legally transported. These permits are to partially offset the additional wear that these loads can cause on the roads as well as ensuring that the load complies with the necessary regulations. Many business leaders may find this process to be confusing, and the cost of errors can be extremely high. Overweight load freight trucking services will handle the process of obtaining a permit for their clients. This can prevent instances where a business obtains the incorrect permit for their load, which can lead to additional liabilities.

Insuring The Cargo

Overweight cargo can be extremely valuable, and losses or damage to this cargo can have a major impact on a business. In order to protect yourself from these losses, you will have to ensure that the cargo is fully insured throughout the shipping process. Another important advantage of using a freight shipping service that is designed for use with overweight cargo is that they will carry insurance with enough coverage to protect businesses against these losses. Furthermore, they can often sell additional coverage for clients that want as much protection as possible. This financial protection coupled with the experience of the drivers for these firms can result in these services being among the safest shipping solutions for businesses that need to move overweight cargo.

Shipping your overweight cargo does not have to be a major challenge for you to oversee. Retaining the services of an overweight load freight trucking provider can streamline this process as they will be able to handle much of the paperwork that comes with shipping these loads as well as being able to protect the cargo with ample insurance coverage and effective route planning.