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5 Factors That Determine Cost of Charter Bus Rental

by Krin Murphy

When planning an event, you need to ensure that your guests arrive safely and on time at the venue. While you may book public transport for your guests, this may be hectic and time-consuming. Therefore, consider getting a charter bus rental. However, you need to know the cost of the bus rental to choose an affordable option. Here are common factors affecting the cost of charter bus rentals.

Charter Bus Type

There are various types of charter bus rentals that have unique features. Ideally, a luxury charter bus rental has unique features such as an inbuilt bar and a surround system to improve comfort while you travel. The buses may also have VIP service staff to cater to the traveler's needs. Hence, such buses are likely to cost more than buses without these luxurious features.

Time of the Year

The period you rent a charter bus affects the cost depending on whether it's a peak or off-peak season. For instance, getting charter bus rentals during the school season may be expensive as many schools rent out charter buses to take their students for school trips. Hence, consider hiring a charter bus during the off-peak season to enjoy affordable prices.

Booking Time

Also, avoid the last-minute rush and book your bus on time. Set the date of the trip early and make a booking immediately. When you book last-minute, there may only be a few charter bus rentals left. Hence, the charter bus service may give the bus to the party that rents the bus for the highest price.

Distance Traveled 

The distance the bus travels determines the cost of a charter bus service since this affects fuel consumption. For instance, you'll pay more if the charter bus covers a long distance since the bus uses more fuel. Also, longer distances mean longer driving hours for the driver, who has to get paid.

Charter Bus Service Choice

Every charter bus rental service offers special prices. Hence, you need to select an affordable service. You should get quotations for various services and pick the most affordable option. However, don't focus on the final price but understand the quotation items. For instance, the final price may be relatively high, but the charter bus company may provide a professional driver and a mechanic in case of an emergency.  Understanding quotation items can help you choose an economical charter bus service.

Consider these factors to estimate the cost before getting a charter bus rental.