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Keys To Starting And Running A Shuttle Business

by Krin Murphy

Shuttle services are important for those looking to get to certain destinations, whether it's to an airport or to a port for a cruise. If you plan on opening a business that provides these services, these tips are important to review.

Maintain Your Buses Properly

The shuttle buses are perhaps the most important asset you have when running a shuttle business and because of this fact, you need to make sure their maintenance is dialed in perfectly. Then you can keep these buses on the road and picking up customers on a regular basis.

You don't need to be an auto mechanic either to have success maintaining these buses. You just need to perform a lot of proactive maintenance, such as checking each bus's tires, completing oil changes, and responding to red flags. You also might invest in a fleet management software program to better manage maintenance with your bus fleet over the years. 

Hire Skilled Drivers

Another important aspect of running a shuttle business is your driver personnel. They will be managing your buses and taking customers to their target drop-off points, so you want to make sure they're highly skilled from the beginning.

Then you can trust they can get customers to their target destinations in a convenient, safe manner each time. You can look at the experience of driver candidates and accident reports to get a better sense of their capabilities in managing large buses that your company will rely on each day. 

Try to Reduce Operational Costs Consistently

There are going to be operational costs of running a shuttle business, such as the fuel for your buses and repairs when problems surface. These costs aren't going to be a problem if your shuttle company does its best to reduce them on a regular basis.

First, you need to track all relevant operational costs each day — which is easy to do if you invest in the right financial software. Then you can see your spending habits and ultimately make better plans for the future. For instance, maybe you see gas going up and then decide to use fewer buses throughout a particular week to save on fuel costs. 

If you want to start your own shuttle company that takes customers to different destinations, then it helps to plan out this business and make sure you're ready for the potential hurdles it may throw at you. Then you can gain momentum and do well in this space. 

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